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Welcome to the eMcCormack Fall 2020 Resource Center, the hub for current information for the McCormack Graduate School (MGS) Fall 2020 semester ONLY.

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If you cannot find what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact the MGS Dean’s Office.

To ensure the health and safety of our faculty, students, staff, and surrounding community, UMass Boston will continue to operate in hybrid fashion, with some courses lodged on campus and others—the majority—continuing in remote modality during the fall 2020 semester. Many answers about the campus's response to the coronavirus can be found in our special section.


Message from the Dean, David Cash

Welcome to a new year of exploration, challenge and learning!  To say this school year will be unprecedented is already clichéd, but also an understatement.  We are all struggling with a global pandemic.  We are taking new steps toward reckoning with our past and present racial injustice.  We face a consequential presidential election that is being fought in ways and in a context that none of us have experienced.  We are using new modes of teaching, learning, research and convening.  And we must build community when the traditional ways we know to do that are not available to us.

Yet, as I have seen since March, our faculty, staff and students rise to challenges and innovate in the face of change because public service never stops.  In fact, one of the things that the last six months have taught us is that what we do at McCormack is more important than ever.  The analyses we do, the policies we develop, the writing we produce, the media we engage, the governments we advise, the communities we collaborate with, the networks we build, and the tools we learn are all critical to addressing the unprecedented challenges we face as we endeavor to create a path to a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

I look forward to traveling down that path with you this year!

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Important Dates to Remember! 

  • Monday, November 2 - Spring 21 Registration Begins
  • Monday, December 7 - Pass/Fail/Sat/Unsat Deadline
  • Monday, December 14 - Semester Ends & Withdrawal Deadline
  • Tuesday, Monday 15 to 21 - Study and Final Exam Period



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Spayne and Bollinger Applications are due Sunday, December 6, 2020 by 11:45pm and the PDG grants has rolling applications. If you have any questions please email: charles.henriques@umb.edu.

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Ths ISSS unit serves as your resource for all immigration matters and is the university’s liaison to the U.S. governmental agencies concerned with matters relating to international students and scholars studying and working in the United States.


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UMass Boston students share their experiences navigating school and life through the challenges of 2020. To contribute, tag us in social posts and use #WeAreBeacons.


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