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I hope to take with me the experience of working and contributing to something much larger than myself, the humbling satisfaction of knowing that I was part of a concerted effort to help the recovery of the great state of Massachusetts. –Violet Acumo, Public Policy PhD Student

I am so honored and happy that I had the opportunity to work on gerontology research that may impact not only older adults but caregivers and care recipients of various ages across the Commonwealth  –Natalie Shellito, Gerontology PhD Student

Violet Acumo, Public Policy Student (on left), Natalie Shellito, Gerontology Student (on right)

Explore Our Academic Programs at the McCormack Graduate School

Offering innovative and interdisciplinary programs and home to internationally recognized institutes and centers, we are a leader in research and policymaking. A school with a teaching soul, we are deeply invested in educating and mentoring the next generation of thought leaders, public servants, change agents, and academics.

At the McCormack Graduate School, we believe that professional success and a dedication to social justice can co-exist. We deliver the foundational theories and real-world skills needed to advance your existing career or make a transition to a new one.

We offer small classes taught by passionate, award-winning faculty. As Boston’s only public research university, UMass Boston provides a high-value, high-quality alternative to private schools.

Accelerated Degree Programs for UMass Boston Undergraduates

Learn more about our bachelor's/master's degree offerings for highly-qualified UMass Boston undergraduates in the Honors College or College of Liberal Arts.

PhD Programs
  • Gerontology, PhD
    Our pioneering, interdisciplinary program focuses on research, policymaking, and policy analysis to improve the lives of low-income and diverse elderly populations. Our graduates assume leadership roles in academia, research, and public policy.
  • Global Governance and Human Security, PhD
    Students learn the structures of international governance and build management expertise for global policy challenges such as human security, environmental policies including climate change, health policies, and gender equity. The program prepares scholars, analysts, and practitioners in nongovernment agencies, media, national governments, think tanks, and the private sector.
  • Public Policy, PhD
    Committed to social equity, our students conduct interdisciplinary research and examine policies on economic development, education, immigration, health care, urban affairs, nonprofit organizations, and racial justice. Our graduates go on to careers in academia, research, and professional positions in state and local government, community organizations, public and private research firms, and nonprofit agencies.

Master’s Degree Programs
  • Conflict Resolution, MA
    Students examine the causes and characteristics of local and global conflict and learn to facilitate peaceful problem solving and collaborative decision making. Graduates work in fields as varied as policy, health care, human resources, law, and ministry. 
  • Gerontology Research/Policy, MS
    Our interdisciplinary courses link theory and research methods based on social, behavioral, and policy sciences in the study of aging. Our alumni pursue careers in research, advocacy, policy analysis, and organizational leadership. 
  • Global Governance and Human Security, MA
    Focus on solutions that matter to a wide range of global problems: how to promote human welfare and economic growth, how to develop policies that respect human rights and ecological constraints, how to reduce insecurity while fostering human potential, and how to fashion cooperative solutions to challenges such as these through global governance
  • International Relations, MA
    Students learn the theory and research methods needed to understand the actors and structures that compose our complex international system. Graduates work in government, nonprofits, NGOs, international business, or continue on to academic careers. 
  • Management of Aging Services, MS (online)
    This award-winning program is designed for those interested in careers managing elder care organizations and community services. Students explore practical solutions to issues facing the growing aging population. 
  • Public Administration, MPA
    Gain skills in budgeting and finance, economics, ethics, organizational behavior, politics, and statistics to effectively manage public programs. Graduates go on to become leaders in government, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations. 
  • Public Administration, MPA: Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy Track
    Learn to unpack the intersectional influence of gender, along with race/ethnicity and class, in the context of the larger policy environment. Students will gain the technical, professional, analytical, and managerial skills for public sector careers. 

Graduate Certificate Programs
  • Conflict Resolution, Graduate Certificate
    Students will gain professional skills to manage conflicts and facilitate collaborative decision-making. Courses include negotiation; theories of conflict resolution; ethical, professional and policy issues in dispute resolution; and cross-cultural conflict.
  • Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy, Graduate Certificate
    Our award-winning, nine-month program fosters women’s leadership and prepares students for roles in government and nonprofit organizations. The program offers a combination of policy studies, analytical and research skills, and supervised internships.
  • Gerontology, Graduate Certificate (online)
    This program is designed for students who have a general interest in the study of gerontology, and either want to test the program before pursuing an MS degree, or enhance their knowledge base regarding the impacts of aging societies for personal or professional benefit.

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