Conflict Resolution Graduate Programs

Train to be an expert mediator, negotiator and facilitator. 

Gain conflict resolution, collaborative decision making, and problem-solving skills. 

Focus on areas such as court mediation, restorative justice, cross cultural conflict, peacebuilding,  organizational and international conflict, and more.

Master's Degree

Students in UMass Boston's Conflict Resolution Master of Arts (MA) program examine the causes and characteristics of local and global conflict, and develop skills related to peaceful problem solving and collaborative decision making. Graduates work in fields as varied as policy, health care, education, peacebuilding, human resources, law, and ministry.  We are involved in court mediation, peace education, restorative justice, inter-religious dialogue, bridging the Israeli Palestinian conflict and much more. 

36 credits required to for the MA which can be completed in 2 years with full-time study. Part-time study is available. 


We also offer a graduate certificate option. 

Graduate Certificate

UMass Boston's Conflict Resolution graduate certificate program provides professionals with the unique skills needed to manage conflict in a variety of settings. Students are trained in a range of approaches to the resolution of conflict, collaborative decision making and problem solving. Courses examine the development, role and management of conflict and encompass the theory, methods, and ethical perspectives of conflict resolution.

The certificate program requires 12 credits which can be completed in 1 year of full-time study (18 credit dual specialization available).  Part time study is an option.  If you start out in the certificate program and decide to apply for the master's program, all of the credits transfer. 


Online Graduate Certificate

Study online and learn to manage conflict, facilitate peaceful problem solving and collaborative decision-making.

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Why conflict resolution online?

  • Flexibility: study anywhere,  anytime with asynchronous classes (hybrid study optional)
  • Save money:  (less than in-person classes)
  • Finish quickly: Program requires 4 classes totaling 12 credits and can be done in 9 months
  • Path to master’s degree: Start online and credits may apply towards master’s degree
  • Diversity and networking: Learn from conflict resolution practitioners and study with students from around the world

UMass Boston's 12-credit Conflict Resolution graduate certificate program provides professionals with training to manage conflict in a variety of settings. The program is designed for professionals who want to develop knowledge of conflict management techniques and add a professional certificate to their résumé. Students will focus on a range of approaches to the resolution of conflict, collaborative decision making, and problem solving through courses that encompass the theory, methods, and ethical perspectives of conflict resolution.

You can also apply for and transfer the 12 credits towards the 36-credit Master's degree in Conflict Resolution.

Please see the admissions and financial aid tab for deadlines. 

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Mediation Certification

Matriculated students in the certificate or master's program who successfully complete the court mediation internship (6 credits) will received a Certificate of Completion showing completion of the training and mentoring components of mediator qualifications according to Massachusetts guidelines for training of mediators and M.G.L. Chapter 233 section 23 (Confidentiality Statute)

The court mediation internship is completed in one semester (6 credits) and is both a regular class meeting plus spending one half-day per week in court mediating small claims cases( with an on-site supervisor/coach), for 4 full months. There is also a required 2-day pre-court training workshop.  Internship includes 40 hours of classroom training and more than 30 hours of district court mediation, mentoring, and evaluation, meeting all the requirements of the Guidelines for Implementation of Qualification Standards for Neutrals, adopted January 24, 2004, pursuant to Rule 8 of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution. 

Prerequisite: ConRes 621 Negotiation or previous negotiation experience.  You may be eligible to take this class as a non-degree student.

Take a Class

Many potential students get to know our programs by enrolling to take a single course with us. This is a great way to “sample” the programs before applying. It lets you assess whether the content of the program meets your goals and interests and if the structure of the program is manageable given your other commitments. 

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