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Conflict resolution students and alumni conduct research and get jobs in conflict in border regions, court mediation, cross-cultural conflict, democracy and peace building, and dispute resolution.

Beacon2Beacon (B2B) Student-Led On-Campus Meditation Services:

Beacon2Beacon (B2B) is a team of Conflict Resolution students and faculty offering mediation services to members of the UMass Boston community who are experiencing conflict and seeking resolution. more info.

Conflict Resolution Student Profiles:

Alejandra Palacios Jaramillo is a Fulbright scholar from Ecuador. Palacios-Jaramillo is interested in transitional justice, armed conflict, and prison policy. She states that she chose the Conflict Resolution MA program as it offered a chance to develop soft and hard skills, such as the mediation internship, which she hopes to transfer to her career in the near future as a peacebuilder in areas of armed conflict.

Kristina Angelevska is a Fullbright Scholar from North Macedonia. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia. She is a recipient of the Fullbright Scholarship and the International Peace Scholarship, which provides scholarships for international women students to pursue graduate study in the United States or Canada. Angelevska is interested in analyzing and assessing conflicts, negotiations, and dialogue in conflict-affected communities. As an MA student in the conflict resolution program, she hopes to utilize the practical course components of advanced facilitation, dialogue, mediation, and conflict assessment frameworks in the peace and security field. 

 Hayley Bartlett, a Conflict Resolution Accelerated Master’s Program student, says she chose the program after learning about the social basis for societal problems during her Sociology BA. She wanted to better understand conflict theory, peacebuilding, and how grassroots organizations emerge. Her objective is to acquire skills to address the areas of community organization and peacebuilding where she intends to work post-graduation. As the current Program Coordinator in Residence for student life at UMass Boston, she has been directly applying many Conflict Resolution skills like mediation and facilitation while working with residential students. Post-graduation, Bartlett hopes to continue working with non-profit organizations to help support vulnerable populations and assist in community organizing efforts to address systemic issues needing change.


Conflict Resolution Alumni Spotlight:

Jefferson Cruz Ruales (accelerated master’s student). He chose conflict resolution to gain skills and tools that can be used in the real world.  He found a strength of the program is sharing the classroom with people from various backgrounds and nationalities. These diverse perspectives have taught him much beyond what's learned in class.  Jeff currently works as a mediator with the local community and mediation centers and shares, “The ConRes program allowed me to think more broadly about the academic and professional direction I want to take. I hope to continue working as a facilitator and mediator in the communities in which I reside”  Jeff also uses his skills as a Union steward to help organize workers and advocate for the labor movement and he is simultaneously working towards a BA in Political Science. 

Maribel R Rawson-Stone (accelerated master’s student)  is a mediator in the Somerville public schools working with a small team helping students learn to be peer mediators. She joined the conflict resolution program to explore how conflict emerges and to study the different methods for resolving conflict.  She is passionate about finding solutions to racial conflict and integrating those solutions into education, the criminal justice system, places of work, and everyday life. She found a unique aspect of the program are the friends she’s made and what she has learned from the wide array of students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and experiences.  

Shengjyl Osmani-Loxha (MA 2015) a Fulbrighter from Macedonia currently works for the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) where she uses her skills learned at UMass Boston to help and protect refugees and people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. YouTube Video 

Israel Archie (MA 2019):  joined the conflict resolution program to pursue a career change.  As a student, he launched our on-campus mediation service, Beacon to Beacon and interned for the US Mission to the UN. He also participated in UMass Boston's summer institute in Northern Ireland 

Saadia Ahmad (MA 2017) joined the conflict resolution program to pursue her passion for facilitating positive interfaith exchanges in local and global communities. As a student, she earned a $5,000 Peace Education Prize from the El Hibri Foundation based on her strong work in interfaith dialogue and understanding. Read more.  Now, she is the first Coordinator of Conflict Resolution at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass., where she serves as a mediator for students experiencing conflict, a facilitator of intergroup dialogue, and an entrepreneur in efforts to create new conflict resolution trainings and initiatives. She also working towards an MBA at Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. 

More Alumni Careers

Our alumni work in fields as diverse as business, government, education, health care, and international humanitarian work.

  • Director of Mediation at international organizations including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations 
  • Director of Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division of the Superior Court, Washington DC
  • Director of the Restorative Justice Programming at the Center for Women in Transition
  • Conflict Resolution Coordinator for the Department of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services at Colorado State University
  • Mediator/Trainer for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MAD)
  • Ombudsman at organizations including Boston University, National Institutes of Health and the American Red Cross.
  • Co-founder of Clean Tech Hub and Energy Innovation Center in Nigeria Read more about this alumni career 
  • Founder and Senior Practitioner for the Sports Conflict Institute Read more about this alumni career 
  • Chairman and COO of online dispute provider Modria Inc.
  • Associate VP of Human Resources at Smith College
  • Centurion Alum Ben Slomoff - Graduate of Conflict Resolution Master's Program started a twilight career at 83, works as a court mediator and acts as a neutral arbitrator on disputes in the field of financial securities.Read more about Ben  For the past 17 years, Slomoff has generously funded the Annual Sylvia and Benjamin Slomoff Lectureship in Conflict Resolution.
  • Program Manager at Mediation Works Inc (MWI)
  • Manager of Mediation Services at the World Bank Group. Read More about this alumni career.

Check out this video series featuring some of our Conflict Resolution alumni as they talk about what they gained from our program, what they are doing now and their career path.

Meeting of diverse group of studentsWhat Alumni are Doing Now:  [on YouTube]  

Bridging cross-cultural divides, specializing in human interaction, working with communities that are divided, and facilitating conversations in fields such as municipalities, non profit organizations, businesses, education, health care and humanitarian work (just to name a few)


Conflict Resolution Books What I Gained:  [on YouTube]   

"I use the things I learned here every single day" -John Sarrouf
"learn how to facilitate conversations, how to get organizations to work, how to get them to reflect on themselves;" -Matt Thompson


Conflict Resolution alumni at table discussionCareer Advice: [on YouTube]  

"Find What You are Passionate About"

"...if you are interested in conflict, you're interested in people, find out what it is you want to do with people and focus your energies there...."
-Matt Thompson