Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Global Affairs major students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic facts and concepts of global affairs and can relate these to contemporary global issues;
  • Develop an understanding of core knowledge necessary to understand contemporary world politics;
  • Effectively apply reading, writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills to address significant issues in the world based upon articulating one’s identity in a global context;
  • Describe the impact of international events and systems at the regional, national, and local levels in at least one major area of the world;
  • Adapt and apply a deep understanding of multiple worldviews, experiences, and power structures while initiating meaningful interaction with other cultures to address significant global problems;
  • Apply academic theories and concepts of global affairs to practical issues and problems in the world around them;
  • Evaluate a variety of theoretical and practical material from diverse national and cultural perspectives;
  • Analyze international issues and draw correct inferences using qualitative and/or quantitative analysis.
  • Form the tools to take informed and responsible action to address ethical, social, and environmental challenges in global systems and evaluate the local and broader consequences of individual and collective interventions;
  • Blend knowledge, skills, and analytical reasoning skills to implement sophisticated, appropriate, and workable solutions to address complex global problems at multiple levels from the workplace through the global sphere.
  • Apply interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, including foreign language skills and international experience, to critical analysis of issues of international, comparative, and/or global significance;
  • Explore career paths in Global Affairs related fields at the bachelor level and hold entry-level skills for such positions; differentiate career paths in Global Affairs related fields at the graduate level.