Courses & Degree Requirements

The MA Program in Global Governance and Human Security curriculum consists of:

  • 36 credits
  • Six required courses
  • Four electives
  • A six-credit exit requirement

Click here for MAGGHS Course Requirement Worksheet to see what typical course progression looks like. 

Each newly admitted cohort completes a set of core courses together, after which students increasingly specialize in research areas of personal interest.  These areas of specialization typically mirror the interconnected strands of today’s complex global issues:

  • conflict resolution
  • the environment
  • gender
  • human rights and human security
  • global political economy
  • human development
  • global public health

Courses in these areas are available from multiple departments at UMass Boston, and students can draw in interdisciplinary fashion on these diverse resources.

Core courses:

  • Global Governance (GGHS 711 or INTREL 638L) 
  • Human Security (GGHS 710)
  • International Relations Theory (GGHS 713 or INTREL 611)
  • International Organization (GGHS 715)

Plus, two of the following three courses:

  • Gender and Human Security (GGHS 712)
  • Conflict Resolution Introductory Theory (CONRES 623)
  • International Relations Research Methods (INTREL 613)

Electives: 4

Exit Requirement (one of the following): 

  •  A 6-credit capstone course (INTREL 691 Capstone in International Relations or GGHS equivalent)
  • Or, a 6-credit Masters thesis (INTREL 699 MA Thesis or GGHS equivalent)
  • Or, Doctoral Research Design (GGHS 780) plus one additional methods course and a final comprehensive examination