Careers & Skills

Our graduates pursue fulfilling careers working with the fastest growing segment of the population, adults aged 65 and older.

The number of gerontology-related job postings has increased 75% since 2005 according to analysis from

Careers in Gerontology Research and Gerontology Policy

Our graduates are employed as research associates and analysts in academic and non-academic settings and/or pursue doctoral degrees in gerontology, aging policy, or other aging-related fields. 

Learning Outcomes

Our students will:

  • Acquire knowledge about the social and behavioral science disciplines that inform gerontology and aging policy
  • Develop the methodological tools needed to pursue basic and applied research in gerontology and aging policy
  • Gain practical experience conducting research and analysis in gerontology and aging policy
  • Learn the written, oral, and listening skills needed to communicate effectively with key stakeholders about gerontology and aging policy