Careers & Skills

High Demand in the Field of Aging Services

Our graduates pursue fulfilling careers working with the fastest growing segment of the population, adults aged 65 and older. The number of gerontology-related job postings has increased 75% since 2005 according to analysis from

The Global Aging and Life Course Studies program introduces students to the issues, questions, perspectives, needs, and contributions of older people and to compare the opportunities and challenges associated with aging populations internationally.

Graduates can apply their knowledge to management positions in the fields of advocacy, education, marketing, product development, service provision, management, administration, program planning, and research.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will:

  • understand the multidisciplinary implications of aging people and populations for the business and private sectors, health and healthcare, psychological and behavioral health, public policy, social work, and sociology
  • cultivate a global perspective and an understanding of diversity
  • develop an appreciation for, and empathy for, people of different age groups
  • have an awareness of how our perspectives are shaped by our cultural context
  • cultivate a respect for differing practices and approaches to aging populations
  • understand the aging services professional network and how to access and participate in it