Courses & Degree Requirements

Students will successfully complete 12 courses to earn the MAS degree. A full-time student can complete this program in 3 semesters. On average, our students complete the course requirements in 2 years.

The curriculum provides an intimate learning experience in program development and management, advocacy, organizational finance, psychology of aging, policy, service delivery, program development, resource management, marketing, and health.

All courses include synchronous chats between students and the instructor weekly or bi-weekly. These chats are held in the evenings or weekends EST. They provide students with the opportunity to interact directly with their fellow classmates and the instructor allowing for lectures, questions and answers and general discussions. Students are required to participate in these chat sessions.

Capstone Requirement

The capstone seminar offers each student the opportunity to develop a special project in his or her specific area of interest. The course is intended to assist students in implementing the knowledge and skills developed during their course of study. Projects undertaken should evidence an understanding and mastery of areas such as policy development an analysis, program management, administration, and finance.

Students are expected to take this class at or near the end of their course of study in the Management of Aging Services Master’s Program.

Award-winning Capstones

Robert Bell: Why do elderly hoarders present challenges for social workers, and what intervention strategies can be used to address these challenges?

Daphne Bernstein: Weakened Weekends: Why Americans Should Expect More from our Healthcare System on Weekends

Deborah Canter: Putting Veterans First:  How to Increase Noninstitutional Care in the Greater Boston Area

Katherine Cardinal: From Social Bullying in Schools to Bullying in Senior Housing:  A new Narrative and Holistic Approach to Maintaining Residents' Dignity

Leah Bleicken: Protecting the Protected: Potential for Outsourcing Oversight of Guardians

Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program in Management of Aging Services

For highly-qualified UMass Boston undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Honors College, this unique program allows you to finish your master’s degree in approximately half the time and at half the cost of a traditional two-year master’s program.

You will replace undergraduate electives with graduate coursework before matriculating as a graduate student to complete your master’s degree.

Learn more about McCormack Graduate School's accelerated Management of Aging Services program.